Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Married - Jason & Katelyn

On August 26th Jason and Katelyn tied the knot... they picked a beautiful HOT day!!!  This amazing couple had a great time... they have an easy time just enjoying the moment and so often we were doubled over laughing!! 

I spent the better part of their day with them...  first I went to J's house to get pictures of the guys - then on I was to the ladies (for the record... the guys were dressed and ready before the ladies even had their hair done!)  At 11:30 we went to church, followed by lunch.  Then they went for a few hours to Norman's photographic for the majority of their formal pictures...  After Norman's they joined me up at Banana Lake for a few more (which were fun to try get because everyone wanted a relaxing good time!!)

Then we were off to the reception....  what a fabulous time!

 Here are a few pictures:  ENJOY!

Richelle and Taycin... Richelle (my beautiful sister-in-law) was in the wedding party - here she is sneaking in a few moments with her daughter Taycin

After church they stopped by Heritage Village to see Jason's Oma

So stunning!!

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek (the plan was to share a few more in a little more organized fashion - other than all of them seperately but it wouldn't load for me... Sorry!)  Hope these will keep you entertained until Saturday!


  1. WOW, Marlies, how nice! I particularly like the picture you captured of J and K with the sunrays shining down on them! BEAUTIFUL! They're a lovely couple- Congrats! Mom

  2. Nice pictures, and cool wedding. I've never seen a wedding where the "bridal men" wore blue, ut that totally matched the color scheme - cool! Did you do alot of editing to these pictures? It sure looks like you had fun. Congrats, Karen


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