Monday, September 12, 2011


We have been enjoying some fun, busy weeks!!  With summer hitting us late the weather is awesome and we are soaking it up!!  We have had visits with friends, bbqs with family, jamming and canning with friends, bike rides, many swims in the pool, weddings, puppy selling, etc, etc :) 

Auntie Reina came over and we got an updated picture:) We enjoyed a wonderful dinner of fresh sockeye and then went for a walk around the block....  was great!! 

Before Ben's parents and two sisters left for a 2 week holiday to Ontario (to visit 3 siblings and there families) we had a bbq, swim, and camp fire at our house! What a great time we had... [now we are looking forward to having Dan and Dustin, Courtney, Dallas, and Daniel come over for dinner and a swim this afternoon!]  I tried to take some pictures of the nephews and nieces swimming late in the evening...  even though it was dark we still got a few nice shots:)

On Labour Day Monday Ranen and I joined my parents, Ivan, Steve, Cath and Cayden for a little boat cruise on Harrison Lake up to Rainbow Falls and then back to Greenpoint where we were joined by Derek and Janine for a bbq... what a beautiful day!  The weather was gorgeous:)  [Ben was helping a friend with their first day of robot milking so we will be going back one day with him so we can all enjoy it together:)]

At Greenpoint for our bbq... love the lighting :)

Getting Ranen to smile for a camera is like pulling teeth - frowns are much more common!!  ... just getting her to look is difficult (she loves find Mommy's eyes or nose so that is usually how I get her to look!)

Lounging like the adults...

I just love this picture....  Cayden we love you very much!

Then on Tuesday we canned 100lbs of peaches... with my fabulous friend Christy and wonderful sister-in-law Cathrine... we had a great time!  We combined all our expertise (because everyone cans so differently) and the peaches look [and taste] fabulous!  I also made blackberry jelly with Christy the week before that and plan to do salsa yet sometime in the coming two weeks (hopefully she won't get too sick of me by then!!)

The last month and a bit at the farm have been absolutely wonderful for Ben - the robots are running very smoothly and thorougly enjoyed!!  And we have been loving our extra time with our wonderful man!!  He is so good at teaching Ranen new things... and remembering to show her the interesting things... here they are watching this grasshopper!

And just a few more pictures of Ranen...

Ranen absolutely LOVES fruit...  she easily eats 3/4 of a nectarine, tons of strawberries, half of a banana etc!  I strip her down so that she can make a mess and I don't need to stress about stains! :)

We only have one puppy left, she is supposed to be picked up today!!  Ranen will miss them!  She spends a lot of time outside by their kennel!

One of my favourites!

Hope you are all enjoying this delightful summer weather!

Next up...  pictures of the wedding I photographed at!!


  1. Wow, Marlies! It's so good to see an update! You've got some AWESOME pictures there! Very nice for our extended family to get a glimpse of our lives this way :) Love Mom

  2. finally a new post!! just kidding, I know how busy you are:) Love the pictures of the kids!!! will have to get them from you so I can get them developed:) Cathrine

  3. nice pics!! luv the one of ranen....:)


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