Friday, August 19, 2011


The first week of August we took a little break from the 'rat race' at home!  Ben has been putting in 80-90 hour weeks for quite some time and has spent many a frustrating hour with the robots...  (just for the record - things are going rather fabulously now... it was just that the transition period from parlour to robots taking longer than initially expected) :) 

We booked a bed and breakfast in Chemainus (on the island just south of Nanaimo) and had a great time!!  What made us choose Chemainus?  Not sure, other than the fact that we couldn't find any nice available b&b on the sunshine coast for the days we wanted to go...  [oh and a little underlying reason... they have a candy shop there that sells these AMAZING bon bons...  an absolute must try!!]  And this b&b had a pool and a hot tub...  Ranen really enjoyed the pool :)   If ever you travel through Chemainus try the restaurant 'Odika's' - and don't forget the bon bons at the candy shop :)
Waiting for the ferry (oops, I had made one wrong turn and apparently that caused a 3 hour wait for us... we missed the one ferry by about 20 cars!!)
So we enjoyed this apple from the chocolate factory!
Ranen and Daddy loving to be together... 

Chemainus is the town famous for its murals... we took a horse drawn tour to see them... quite neat!  Many of them take years, even decades to complete and they are still creating more today...  Ranen loved the horse.  The first day we were there we toured Chemainus, the next day we went to a historic foresty thing and Cowichan Bay (another neat town) and then the last day, before the ferry home, we stopped at raft trevor beach!! [we are going back to the parksville area soon...  we are hoping for a week of camping in September... it is such a beauty place!]

One of the many murals... this one and the next picture are two parts to the same mural.

A few more pictures from our time away...

Beachcombing at the bed and breakfast...

Enjoying their pool with mommy!

Lounging in the sun...

Ocean was much cooler than the pool!!
Our view out of the b&b's windows...  we were quite a ways up from the water but still right there!!  Each morning the sun came pouring in the windows for us :)

Enjoying Raft Trevor Beach before catching the early afternoon ferry!  This picture was before we decided to just put Ranen's swimsuit on... she LOVES water!

So if you decide to swing by Chemainus... let me know - because we may need some more bon bons! :)

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  1. Hi, just to inform you that the beach you probably went to in Parksville is actually called the RATHtrevor (all one word) Beach! Just in case some of your readers are going to look it up. We go there all the time. It's such a nice place to visit in the summer.


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