Monday, April 25, 2011


It's the time of the week to enter I Heart Faces photo challenge again.   Usually they require that you have a human face in the picture but this week we need an animal face.  Here is my entry:

Mia - Our very loyal dog who is calm and wonderful with Ranen (unless there is food around - the biggest pig you'll ever find!!)  Ranen loves letting her lick her toes and fingers and goes crazy when she sees her through the window - here's proof on that one!:

She is so loyal to Ben that when he first moved to the farm and he left Mia at his parents she started digging holes, eating the wood from the patio etc...  anything to make Ben take her along!  Sure enough - in no time she was living at the farm!  Mia also really enjoys fetching balls or rocks or anything else we will throw for her:)  and swimming!

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Coming soon... pictures from an engagement shoot that I did on Friday!


  1. Aw, she's a doll! Is she a Golden Retriever or a Yellow Lab?

    from black currant thoughts.

  2. Aww.. she makes me miss my yellow lab now. Bigger than mine though.

  3. She is absolutley gorgeous! (and so is your daughter!) Labs have such a place in my heart. I remember my lab, Autumn, playing with my daughter when she was a baby. Now they are both 13!


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