Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby Steps!

It sure has been a while since I posted!!  We have been rather busy with the house - tearing down wall paper, filling holes, picking out colours, painting, etc., etc.  I really wish I took pictures of the before and after of the wall paper rooms - but oh well!!

More importantly - Ranen has a few new things she is really proud of!!
Really, she knows she's a BIG girl now (never mind that she hasn't crawled - she figures that she will just walk instead because she has to keep up to Cayden right?! - except that he is walking without holding onto anything so she has a bit to go!)
Yesterday, while I was painting I heard Ranen making her usual noise that means she is excited or happy about something - I thought maybe Ben showed up but when I looked up I see her standing, holding onto her toy box and walking!! She pushed the toy box for about 5 steps before falling!! :)

Here are a couple of her goofy faces!! ...

On Saturday we went for a bike ride with some of Ben's family from our house to the Vedder bridge (the one that goes up to Cultus!)  Yes, quite a work out pulling a heavy bike cart, with a 23lb girl and her car seat...  But there was much beauty to see!

A special "Happy Birthday!" to Richelle (for yesterday)

And I also need to still say Happy Birthday to Helen (she turned 30!! a while back and I really wanted to do a special post to mark this happy occasion but.... maybe next year!!)

Have a great day... I have to run and bring my car in for service! :)

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