Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh... Happy Day!!

Yesterday we found out... we are going to be moving!  We are rather excited over here...  We have known for a while that this was a likely possibility but didn't want to share it until we knew for sure!  Here is what the house looks like...
Yes, we are rather excited... I am actually going to have cupboards and closets (just maybe I will be able to stay organized now - well at least I won't have an excuse not to be :) )  It is 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and has a large room for my printing stuff that is somewhat seperated from our living area.  And we still live right by the farm which is a dream come true because we LOVE going outside to see Daddy.  Our backyard...
Includes a swimming pool, hot tub and greenhouse...  Apparently I hear from many that we should count on company coming our way frequently!!

Yes, we are an excited bunch - time to start moving the garage over I think... so I better get moving!

To top it off...  a few pictures of our precious daughter.   She loves animals so much it seems like the majority of pictures that I have of her are with either the dogs, calves, cows, horses, etc...

I love the look on her face here...  she loves it and giggles when the calf sucks her hand but yet she has the look of "you do anything wrong calf.... and I will pull out my hand!!"
XO have a great day!  Time for me to go fold some laundry, pick paint colours and start moving the stuff in the garage:)


  1. How exciting!! Looks like a beautiful home;) let me know if you need a hand painting... Xo (Tante;)

  2. How exciting for you! I can think of a few munchkins who would love to come visit you once it gets warm.


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