Thursday, September 19, 2013

Barn Window Frame

A few pictures of the
refinished barn window frame
that we gifted to Dad and Mom...
We found images of us all around 6 months and then an image around
3 years old... designed them all into sepia and printed onto canvas.
Wrapped the canvas around thin plywood and inserted into glass slots!
Turned out lovely.... (idea credit to Richelle:)!)
Wedding pic top left, wedding text bottom right... 
LOVE IT!! Given a place of honour in the front entry :) 
Dad and Mom... hope you enjoy it for many years! xo
(credit to Jolanda Scherpenzeel for beautifully refinishing the frame!!
she does this if you are interested!!)


  1. Absolutely LOVE !!! We are so blest to have you all !!! THANK YOU all again ! Xo Mom

  2. What an awesome idea!I love it! - Jess

    1. Thanks JESS!!!! It was super fun to do (even if it was finally completed the afternoon that we gave it:).... xo


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