Monday, May 20, 2013


Snapshots of the past few weeks...

Ranen had a hoot chasing the frog around on the patio...
Mom's 'helper'

 My little man is almost 1.... where does time go??

And for someone who does not particularly like or enjoy rhodos...
I found a little beauty in them!


I want to send out my thanks to my dear
cousin Treena ( Love Live With Kids )
and Aunt Carla ( Making Our Memories )
for nominating me for the
Beautiful Mama Blog Award!!
I truly feel honored to be nominated for this...
just don't feel very deserving of it because of my
lack of consistent blogging.
I blog mostly for the enjoyment
of family and friends (both near and far) to see
our day to day adventures
as well as to share some of the MANY pictures I take!!
Because I want to stay 'low key' in this blog world I am not going
to 'accept' the award and just continue on my little journey...
Once again, thanks for nominating me - love you both!! xo
Working on another post...
of a Korporaal get-together for Uncle Wim's birthday!


  1. A New Blog Posting, Yaaahh!!! I'm glad it took so long, actually, (eventhough I kept checking;) because that means you're out biking/gardening/feeding puppies/taking pics/ playing/working/hanging out at the farm/ seeding/planting/repotting/watering, etc. etc. etc. Xo Mom
    PS. Great shot of the frog!

  2. You`re very welcome! Beautiful picture, by the way! :)

  3. make that plural 'pictures' :)


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