Monday, May 27, 2013

Owen is 1!

Yesterday we celebrated Owen's first birthday with him...
With plans to party on today and tomorrow...
And hopefully will try my hand at taking a 'cake smash'
session with him sometime this week! :)
This year Owen has/is:
*6 teeth
* developed quite the character...

(such a treasure... love!)
-these top 4 pictures taken by Roxanna J. Photography-

* survived the colic stage - oh, I have almost forgotten it! (not quite!)
*loves the outdoors

* he is SUCH a Mommy's boy!!
-like really... guess I know that I am loved but ...

* celebrated stages of smiling, laughing, sitting, rolling, crawling, steps...
almost walking - oh, he is growing up so fast!

* nicknames: chief, champ, little man

* loves his big sister!
(oh, how I love seeing the sibling bond...)

* prefers tractors/machinery over cows
-although he doesn't mind the cows but he LOVES the tractors!

* had a haircut and sports the spikes well!

* so thankful to be blessed with a beautiful sweet boy
- a snuggly, cuddly one to boot
 Looking forward to celebrating with
Opa and Oma Korporaal this afternoon
Opa and Oma 'Shiloh' and all the Lindhout Uncles/Aunts/Cousins
Along with Great Opa and Oma Lindhout 'Duke'...
And then a little get together with friends tomorrow morning...
Hoping to do a cake smash at some point!!
Love you my Little Man! :)


  1. Congrats on Ownens bday! Give him a big squishy hug from me:)

  2. How he has grown hey?!! Such a Sweetheart!! Congratulations! see you all later! Mom

  3. Happy Birthday, Owen. Where did that year go? So grown up...and dashing in with new haircut!

  4. Really rockin' the new hair do!! LOVE IT!! xoxo from us


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