Saturday, April 6, 2013

Phone pics of late!!

phone 'nuggets' of the last few weeks:
The weekend after I sold Printed Matter
we headed up to Sun Peaks with some GREAT friends!

 **This picture... officially captioned:
Pondering what to do with our nutty wives!!
 **Christy - one of the world's greatest friends - celebrates her birthday tomorrow!!
Love you!!
 **So gorgeous up there!!  Loved it!
**Been able to get many bike rides in lately... pretty much daily!
 **we top them off with hiking the tower at the blue heron reserve
**Ranen saying "I did it!!" (she is determined to climb up to the top everytime!)
**In my backyard - so BEAUTIFUL!

**Ranen and her cow 'sweetheart!'
 **It's been beautiful weather lately!!
**Know of anyone needing a place to rent??
Off to bake (and maybe clean!)
Have a fabulous weekend :)

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  1. Great pics once again!!
    How are you enjoying your wine??
    Lunch SOON!!!


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