Monday, June 4, 2012

Some favourites...

A few favourites from last week...
(and on time:)

Last Monday Uncle Martin and Aunt Wilma were over for one night
from Alberta...  good reason for a family gathering bbq...
a few snapshots from that night!

 Uncle Martin and Aunt Wilma          Richelle with her kidlets :)
Richelle, you truly are such a dear and attentive mom, thoroughly enjoys doting on your kids...

 Laura's first look at Owen
(because she was diagnosed with shingles she wasn't allowed to come to the hospital!!)
 Aunt Carla getting some cuddles in :) 
(hopefully you will get a few more in the coming weeks...)

Aunt Corina keeping the toddlers entertained!....

We took Ranen to the park one evening last week... so much fun!!
On the big girl slides!!

 in the tunnel... peeking at mommy!

Owen sound asleep in the car fifteen feet away :)
[yes, we checked on him regularly!!]

Tante Maria getting some quiet cuddle time!!
 And Uncle Derek and Aunt Janine came by with dinner on Friday
and switched some light fixtures!!  Thanks so much!!

Still enjoying this lovely bouquet from Dad and Mom Lindhout... 

Auntie Erica came by for a wonderful visit on Saturday...

Also on Saturday we left Owen to nap with Daddy and went to take
some senior snapshots of Laura...
Ranen got to come along - apparently she was into pictures on Saturday!!!

 Pictures of Laura to grace the blog soon!!!  Can't wait to share them!

 Not often that I can get shots of Ranen like this...  she loved copying Auntie Laura's
poses and was super cooperative! :)

Even got a couple new flower shots...

Have a fabulous day!
Back soon with Laura's pictures hopefully :)


  1. Wow, that li'l Owen is SO precious! That pic of Ranen smiling (seriously!) is awesome! is Laura's first look at Owen... You are SO ORGANIZED, Mar - good blog! xo Mom

  2. Love the post:) Too short a visit of M&W, but I'm sure they wanted to get home and see their loved ones ASAP after that trip! And the kids them with the big surprise:) Speaking of which...what time frame works this week for YOU in regards to the other surprise? lol


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