Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So much fun...

(...other than the gas/colic...)

but it's all good!! :)

We are having so much fun
...experiencing much joy!

I love watching Ranen and Owen together :)
Take a look...

 She holds and cuddles him so well.... 

And two of my very favourite pictures from this week :)


 Ranen loves feeding left overs to the dogs... but she makes sure they each get their even share...
Mia, the yellow lab, is a big pig so Ranen will give her one piece
and then stand there and call for Jessie to come :)
 And then gets mad when Mia doesn't listen... :)

Building and crashing towers with Daddy :)

Watching lions on Daddy's phone :) 

Daddy cuddles....

My little man in big boy clothes yesterday...

 Back to work... I have some surprises to finish...
... wedding programs to work on, etc!
and hopefully will get to editing Laura's pictures soon :)

A special happy birthday wish to 'auntie' Erica :)  We love you!!

Have a GREAT week....


  1. You will DEFINITELY be using that pic of Ben with his 2 sweethearts again!!!:) see u in a few hours!! Xo Tante

  2. Adorable pics, Mar! Its so cute to see Ranen being a little mother :) And Owen is growing up, and looking so cute! i cant wait to hold him again- Uncle Derek was very pleased to see the shirt that he picked out being worn already! xo


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