Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Derek & Corina

Congrats twins!  22 years old today and looking absolutely great! 

Derek... Mr. Humour who generally has the crowd happy - you are energetic, competitive, very loving and sensitive.  Pursuing an electrical career while holding dear the woman of your dreams.  You are super awesome with the kids and very passionate about the firehall!  You are loved very much!

Corina... You are much loved - especially as you go through this time of trying to decipher where you want to go, what you want to do, etc. etc.  You have very dilligently worked on getting your EMR (emergency medical responder) certificate [remember you did not even want to come for dinner with us when we came out to Vancouver to see you!!! all good :)]  You have been sidelined from one of the things you enjoy the most, soccer, and you are taking it all in stride!!  We appreciate your organized, energetic, competitive, dilligent, and lately (just kidding), even helpful nature:)  We love you very much!

A few pictures of you guys :)

We hope you have a great day and a blessed year ahead!!

Love you!


  1. Lovely pics once again folks;) Enjoy your special day!! xoxo CN

  2. Twenty-two! Where have the days gone? Mom

  3. Happy birthday to Corina and Derek...and best wishes for the year ahead! Elmer & Judy

  4. happy birthday!!! :)


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