Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Arrived and going...

It feels like Fall has just arrived and is planning on going already!  It is starting to get pretty cold outside and yesterday we had the first frost for this end of the valley... time to harvest my grapes and make some juice and jelly!  Looks like we are going to have another beautiful day today!

Ranen has really enjoyed being with Daddy in the tractor this year - we buckle her car seat into the second seat and off they go!  Most of the field work is done for the year (even though some things didn't get done like they wanted to, they have run out of time in this late year!)

No Mommy, you are not coming to take me out right?  I want to stay!!

We are enjoying the fall - I do love this time of year and hope that it will hang around a bit longer!

Great Opa and Oma Lindhout stopped in for a minute on Monday - while taking a drive down memory lane in this neighbourhood!  Oma grew up in Greendale and they owned property here where they would go logging in the winter....  Ranen sure loved Opa!

On the picture on the right she is showing Opa what the gorilla does!  Ranen loves animals (and that is an understatement!) and if I tell her once what an animal says or does it usually sticks!  For the gorilla she starts hitting her chest and says "WAAAA" :)

Last week we celebrated Ben's sister Annette's 40th birthday!  Congrats :) She sure is looking good for 40!  They just recently had family pictures taken at Kristy Klaassen Photography and wow, what a beautiful family!

Also, October 25th was Cathrine's birthday... I surprised her yesterday with an orchid!(which she says she will try to keep alive!)  Cathrine does extremely much for me and really I don't know where I would be without her!  Every Tuesday we spend together working on printing stuff and then if she is bored she still comes here other days to give me a hand!  What a GEM!!  I love you Cathrine -you are one of the most beautiful ladies I know - inside and out!!!  And Cayden and Ranen really benefit from some sharing and caring time!!

I hope to come back tomorrow to let you know who's birthday it is then!

We have been also very busy with doing photo shoots for customers... here are some proofs of that!

These first ones are from Ben's nephew and his fiance!  Just engaged:)

This I do believe is one of my all time favourites!!

These next ones... you may remember that a posted a couple of this family back a while... now they have a beautiful baby boy!

Another favourite... big time!!!

And we had one other baby shoot...  an 'uncle' and 'aunt' of mine were blessed with this beautiful boy:

Thanks everyone for the oppotunity to take pictures of you... 

Hope to be back tomorrow!!


  1. Good job on the pics Min! I think you will do very well leaving the printing part of the business and transition to the photo shoots and such!! CN

  2. I agee,Carla,great pictures, and eventhough it's been wonderful to have Printed Matter, it would be great if someone comes along who is as passionate about the work as you, Marlies. It certainly is a great stay-at-home business! The pose of that newly engaged couple in the open barndoor is priceless, especially because they both have "farmer blood" in their veins. Congratulations you two! Mom

  3. Thanks marlies for doing such a great job, also the birth announcement, i got a lot of good comments about that one :) KEEP IT UP!!!!

  4. Gorgeous pictures once again!!! U definately got talent:) And as for helping you out, you are the one keeping me sane and it always is a PLEASURE:)
    xxx Cathrine


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