Friday, May 13, 2011



It has been SO long since I posted!!  Well... a few updates:

** We are all moved over [other than all the printing stuff - waiting for internet to be installed there and then that is moving over too]

** Ranen is furniture walking like a pro and doing 3 steps on her own - she is scared when we let go so now we get her to hold a toy and then she does her steps to us! [still no crawling though]

** Ranen loves throwing temper tantrums when things don't quite go her way...

** Today we are finally cutting the cover crops down so that we can hopefully get in the fields to plant corn - it has been so we this year - usually corn is planted already!!

** We got the hot tub running last night - YIPPEE!

** Ranen has 2 more teeth [she is up to 7 now!]

** Did I mention that it is sunny today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

** Tomorrow is our fundraising soccer tournament (12 teams playing from 8 till 8) - raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society!!  Feel free to come by and show your support - selling sandwiches and wraps for lunch and burgers for dinner!  Final game is from 7 to 8 p.m. in which our team is really hoping to be a part of!  You can find us on Kitchen Hall Road (the road that runs from Jesperson to Kitchen Road)!

Anyhow, here are some pictures - we went out last week to take Cayden's 1 year pictures and Ranen's  9 month pictures!  What a scene - no matter what we did we could not get our generally smiley girl to smile!!! We only got one smile the first day so the next day I stood her by a tree and got 2 more smiles - but apparently she doesn't want mom to hold a camera!!!  Cayden - he is a pro and was great for us [in his Mommy's words: a show off]!!  Here are just a few of the pics - don't want to spoil the fun of handing out actual pictures :)
Hope you like these Cath!!

Now for Ranen's grumpy face...

So, Cayden knowing that this isn't really her... tried to cheer her up!

Even eating dandelions was not up her alley...

Her smile the following day...

And snuggling with her daddy - she LOVES it!  Yes, we see a lot of Daddy in this little girl! :)

Hope you enjoyed these....


  1. Wow, these pix turned out great!!! You really are an awesome photographer:):)Cathrine

  2. AWW I love all these pics! Cayden looks adorable.. but my fave is the first one of Ranen-SO cute!! :) Janine

  3. I agree with that Janine! Ranen is priceless on that picture! :) Laura


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