Monday, March 28, 2011

The Crew!

Dad's crew has been working at the farm for around 2 months now and I really enjoy seeing my brothers and dad regularly!  (and I think they really like the baking:) If I don't bring anything for a few days I hear comments like "some cinnamon buns would sure taste good hey, Chris?", "how about that apple cake last week... that sure hit the spot hey?!" .... so I try to spoil them regularly!

Anyhow they are here renovating the farm for robots!  Pretty soon there will be no more 2:30 am shifts for my wonderful hubby!!  They are down a few hands at the farm but it is pretty hard to find someone who just wants to work till May... so Ben has been working a lot lately and looks forward to the robots being here... (pretty soon we can say "next month"!!!)

Cathrine comes on Mondays to help me with my printing work... this was last Monday - one stroller and 2 babies so we doubled them up!  Cayden was really good about having his heavy cousin sitting on his knee! 

My big brother, Chris!  Don't want to get sappy on you but I love you! :)
[oh, he is embarrassed now!]

Derek and Cayden! 

"I can do it better than you Daddy! - but Opa does it best!"

Gord - enjoy the cinnamon buns? 
     Muscle brother Steve  - I love you too! 

Ron - he REALLY loves the baking - always wanting seconds!!

 It is a special day for this special uncle today!!  Happy 50th birthday Uncle John! We wish you a blessed year ahead of you and that all may go well! 

 I guess I better get on making some birthday cake :)

Last week Tuesday Taycin came to see her Daddy too (and I was babysitting Cayden) so we had the 3 cousins together! 
I LOVE this picture of Taycin :)  Such a sweetheart!
And our little boofie... she LOVES animals!  She sticks her hands out for the calf to suck on and then starts giggling!  The joy of being able to raise her on a farm... 

And for the record - she has two more teeth (after much hard work I must say!) - So her 2 tooth grin, that mommy loves, is short lived...

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  1. Hi, I'll let you know that I've been here! It was good to see you the other day at the cheese farm(where I grew up). We were having a bit of a family reunion there! I'm sure all your delicious baking is appreciated. The 2 girl cousins sure look alike. Dairymary


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