Monday, July 6, 2015

Friday's blueberry picking!

Local Harvest has completely no spray blueberries for u-pick for $1.50 a lb
I decided to take the kids and we had 1.5 hours of fun 😍
Huge berries....

It was a hot day so we started picking just after nine and were done by 10:30!
Ranen started out with a pint basket and because I didn't think she would stick to it too long I offerend her $2 for a full basket :) .... SHE PICKED 8 BASKETS FULL!!!
She loved it and picked the bushes clean!

Katie's pickings went all into her mouth❤️

25lbs of goodness all frozen away now!! 

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  1. We'll be expecting our blueberry pie in the mail 😊 hahaha jk! Would probably end up as a blueberry crumble mess :p looks like Ranen's trying to clean out your wallet! Miss you guys lots!!
    -Maddie and Ryan


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