Saturday, May 2, 2015

How we roll...

This life we call farming... 💚 it!!

We take what we can to get quality time with daddy right now... And if that means supper in the tractor, then let's do it!! Amazing what a few minutes together can do... My favourite part of any day!! 
This makes me so happy!! 
With spring field work you start feeling a little like a single mom, a little lost, a little (or lot) like you need a break... But then, you spend half an hour together and all normallacy returns!! 

Kids wake up this morning and first thing they do is hop back in the tractor... I guess I'll be bringing breakfast out too once Katie wakes!! 

Dogs frolicking in the waist high grass!! Even Ruby with all her kangaroo jumping can't see out!

And the pups... Going to their new homes this week... 


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  1. You. Are. Quite. DE BOERIN !!!
    That's great!
    Xo Xo Mom


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