Friday, April 25, 2014

As the phone has captured...

Some pictures of late from off my phone...

Tuesday evening's walk:


One of my most favourite routines... Getting outside after supper to burn off some energy!! 

Morning snuggles:

Ben's method for levelling and tilling up my garden beds :)
(it's about working smart apparently:)
Sure glad I dont have to turn all 5 over with a spade!

So alert... Growing up so fast!!

Stopped by Opa and Oma yesterday to pick up some 5 gallon buckets with
draining holes for my tomato plants :) 
(sure is nice that they collect and store potentially 'useful' items!!)
 - the story goes... "Opa and Oma were on a drive when they saw these
marijuana pails on the side of the road and stopped to pick them up
as surely someone in the family could use them to grow something!!"

Puppies - growing like weeds - kids love them!! 16 of them... 

A quick visit before bed!

Story time!! Hands (and heart!) full!!

We are in love!


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