Wednesday, November 13, 2013

55 years!!

Opa and Oma Lindhout
hope to celebrate their 
55th wedding anniversary!
They are so very loved and treasured by us...
Many afternoons they came to lend a helping hand
because they knew how busy I was
with the printing business and
as Oma would say - at least I know I am useful here!
So many treasured memories...
they have taught us much,
how to love...
how to give, how to help...
how to be sweet...

Love them so much!!
The kids also get excited... Owen just went crazy seeing
this recent picture I took of them on my computer as I was editing...
And Ranen knows she needs to be babysat tomorrow and she is wondering
why oh why it can't be Opa and Oma Duke babysitting her :)
Love them and wish them a fabulous day tomorrow!!
Above all the Lord's blessing in the future.

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