Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mix and Match 2

First ...  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!  Wish I could have done this yesterday but you know me... always procrastinating and running out of time!  They say - better late than never! 

Thanks for all that you do for us...  especially lately when you have taken Ranen for the day so that I could accomplish some much needed items on my to-do list...  I appreciate it!  You had a busy life being a Mom with 7 children to take care of - and it's not like we were always well-behaved or submissive niether, and you did it well!  Thanks for all you have done :)

A few pictures from over the years...

Well Mom... you were always taking the pictures... in my baby album (up to about 2 years) these are the only 2 pictures with you on it!! 

Here are a few other snaps shots from the last few weeks:

Ranen witnessed her first calving the other day....  see her pleased look!

Gardening with Daddy!!  What a fun Saturday we had together...

I know the focus is off but I love this picture because Ranen is in love with the dogs and the dogs are so good with letting her do stuff to them... the day we were gardening Ben got a picture on his phone of Ranen bouncing on Jessie...

It's only a good day if we get into atleast a little trouble....  it is a good thing there was not much left on the toilet paper roll or it would have been all over the house!!

Enjoying my walk with Mommy!

Literally every morning, Ranen will climb on my lap and point outside saying "Daddy" and "tractor" so we generally try to make a trip outside to the farm...  here are some pictures from one of our excursions!!  Ranen is totally a farm girl - so happy when she is out there!!

I absolutely ADORE my Daddy!

Not one bit afraid!!  ... the cows are more afraid of me than I am of them :)

Taycin came to visit the other day....  she is such a happy, beautiful girl :)  

 Loving the airplane rides my Mommy gives me... this one was a little scary though because she let go with one hand to take the picture!!

Cayden and Ranen get to practice their sharing skills once a week when Cathrine comes to help out with printing stuff... they are generally pretty good together!!  This box was a form of entertainment for a few days for Ranen!

 On Thanksgiving Day we had Opa and Oma Korporaal and Auntie Joanne and Uncle Doug over for dinner...  we had a good time and Ranen enjoyed the one on one attention with her Aunt!

Hope you enjoyed...
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  1. Hey, good to see the update ( GREAT pics of your mother - WOW! ;) Ranen sure LOVES all animals, eh?! Mom

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom!

    Love all the Ranen pic's. Such a sweetie!

  3. Hey Minny...

    Just letting you know that I check frequently to see if there are updates;) and I could NOT think of Ben's sister's name the other, thanks to your blog, I learned something again today! Lastly, what lovely offspring you neices and nephews produce!!!;) CN

  4. Hi, it looks like you are sure enjoying life on the farm with your hubby and baby! Great pics, and good to see that Joanne is doing well; she used to work for us as well as her brother; now your nephew is here - good worker. Dairymary


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